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The Ambassador of the Swiss Confederation in Ukraine visited the office of Risoil S.A. 22.10.2020

As part of a work trip to the Odessa region, the Ambassador of the Swiss Confederation in Ukraine, Mr. Claude Wild and the head of the commercial department of the Swiss Embassy, Mrs. Elena Gut, visited the office of Risoil S.A. in the MTP «Chornomorsk».

During the visit, the embassy delegation visited the terminal of the Risoil company at MTP Chornomorsk, where one of the company’s shareholders, Alexander Minov and the CEO Yevgeny Sadovoy, familiarized the guests with the accomplished projects and company´s plans regarding the construction of a two-way pier in the port of Chornomorsk at junction 10 and 11 berths.

The double-sided pier is an opportunity to increase cargo turnover, attract new cargo flows to the Chornomorsk commercial port, and create new jobs. The implementation of the project will allow simultaneous handling of two vessels with a draft of up to 15 m, a loading speed of up to 3 thousand tons / hour, while maintaining already achieved results for transshipment of goods at berths 10 and 11. The technical solutions provided for by this project will allow the use of the latest dust suppression technologies and ensure the absence of negative impact on the environment. The estimated cost of the project is over UAH 1 billion. Risoil S.A. will independently finance all work on the implementation of the construction project and the purchase of equipment.

However, the stumbling point in the implementation of the project was the receipt of the approval of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine for the construction of the pier.

To obtain the aforementioned approval, Risoil S.A. sent a package of documents for consideration by the MIU. In the course of consideration, the MIU requested additional documents, the requested documents were provided in full as soon as possible. Four months have passed since all the documents were submitted. During this time, there was no feedback. Thus, without giving any explanations / comments, MIU makes it impossible to implement the investment project at this stage.

At the same time, the Project, developed by the state design institute ChernomorNIIProekt, has been an integral part of the port development plan approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for more than 5 years, and has positive conclusions of the maritime administration regarding the safety of navigation.

Mr. Ambassador expressed concern about the current situation and hope for its early resolution in favor of effective interaction between the state and business, and as a result, the implementation of the project, which will serve as a positive factor in the development of the country’s maritime infrastructure and the port of Chornomorsk in particular.

Mr. Claude Wild also congratulated the Risoil-Kherson company on winning the tender for the transfer to the concession of the state enterprise Kherson Sea Commercial Port

Risoil S.A. management thanks Mr. Ambassador for meaningful communication and support.