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Today Risoil Terminal LLC is 17 years old! 30.11.2018

Today JV Risoil Terminal LLC is 17 years old!

All this time, Risoil continues investing in the development of the terminal. To date, the reservoir capacity is 91 thousand tons for oil and 195 thousand cubic meters for grain accumulation. At the Terminal there are 2 stations for unloading railway carriages and 2 stations for unloading commercial vehicles. Production capacity allows transshipping of approximately 2 million tons of grain and 1.5 million tons of liquid cargo per year. Our laboratories are modern, up to date and the equipment quality is very high.

During the last year, we began to build a new gallery, and in the near future, the NEUERO shipyard will fill the vessels holds. Next year, the company will complete the construction of storage tanks for another 150 thousand cubic meters of grain.

The history of Risoil Terminal began with 3 oil tanks and 5 employees. A year ago, 250 people worked for us, now there are 322. All these people are responsible for the smooth operation of the entire enterprise. Our experts really understand their work and love it.

We thank and congratulate the team that took and continues to take part in the development of Risoil!