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The staff of the laboratory of bulk cargoes told about the specifics of their work 16.11.2018

We continue our acquaintance with LLC JV RISOIL TERMINAL, in particular, we will visit the laboratory of bulk cargoes.
There is always a lot of work. In the laboratory they can determine the low flash point by smell. And the rapid analysis takes only 3 minutes. Over the years, the lab staff was being tried to bribe and more than once threatened with court. But people honestly did and do their work. For 15 years, the team has hardly changed. Laboratory superviser Galina Andreevna Kondratyeva and quality engineer Natalya Matskevich can tell a lot of interesting things about the technique, instruments and about oil in general.

Galina Andreevna: Imagine, you’ve got oil. Each bottle a laboratory assistant must smell and try on. It is most important! If it smells good — the oil is good. But if it smells like gasoline, although it looks good, this oil is an extraction, no need even to try. It was somehow that the small butter churns brought the oil sour, we did not take it. We can reject by smell.

Each stage is checked, compared, so that in the end everything is of high quality. But the main thing — it’s still organoleptics. This is the most important and is comprehended only with experience! Laboratory girls have learned here, in our laboratory. Because none of them initially knew anything.

Natalya: We cannot detain the cargo without a reason. We are always careful and recheck ourselves ten times. Somehow there was a case that we had to delay 14 cars and argue with the cargo owner for a long time. The oil had a low flash point. Cargo owners called shouting and were belligerent. But only until he arrived at our laboratory, we checked the batch and eventually he agreed with us.

Galina Andreevna: How do we know about the problem? At first I determined the smell, the moment oil was brought in, and I realized: «something is wrong.» Then they began to check each car for flash point. It was 165 degrees! We checked it with a special thermometer, and the cargo owners had automated equipment, so it malfunctioned.
Our business is to determine quality. We keep all the samples for three months. They are all identified. Within three months, all the samples can be found and rechecked.

Natalya: Our laboratory assistant earlier could not sit down for one second. We took all the crane tests. We looked, whether water flows out of taps. Or suddenly there is a built-in reservoir for it. We had to see what came from the taps. And there were such cars, in which there are 12 hatches, 12 compartments each. Accordingly, only one had to look at 12 cranes and take as many samples.

Galina Andreevna: Now we have facilitated this task. They threw it on smelters. In addition, now a moisture meter is installed in the pipes and while the machine is draining, the oil is controlled by the device. Even if just high humidity, it immediately works.

Oil — the product is very complex, specific, it must be well studied. But the girls I have are real pros!