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Meeting with the employees of the Terminal 13.11.2018

Chief Engineer Sergey Eduardovich Stoyano is a specialist with many years of experience. He was the one who designed all the facilities of the Risoil Group and is responsible for the most important stages of the company’s development. In his spare time, our chief engineer is enjoys motorcycles, can tell colleagues how he rode a 5,500 km bike trip in Europe. The most important dates and events Sergey Eduardovich remembers and always keeps under control, therefore he does not use the diary. Here is what he tells about his work and the development of the largest investment project of the Swiss company Risoil:

"I have been working in my specialty all my life. And always as a chief engineer or chief mechanic. My first employment record is the chief engineer. So you can say — inherent techie.

I joined Risoil a long time ago. A lifetime passed over the years. Everything developed step by step. I was taken under the project for the construction of an oil extraction plant. At that time, the oil depot in Chernomorsk consisted of 3 tanks and there were no more capacities. At our enterprise in Razdelnaya they also completely created the whole object. Later I went to Bulgaria for our production plant of sunflower oil "Beads Olive”. There I took down everything old and built all anew. Almost everything that now exists in Rizoil-Yug in the village of Vizirka was established under my leadership. And in Chernomorsk I made a grain terminal from scratch, from a flat field. Initially, there was nothing. We gradually began to develop a warehouse complex. The construction of universal warehouses and a silo park began relatively recently. Everything grew quickly. Such a stormy work life!
In the near future we plan to launch our new NEUERO ship-loading machine. We have been negotiating its purchase for 11 years. And now she is already at our pier, so we will soon load ships even faster. ”