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Risoil Terminal

RISOIL TERMINAL is the largest import/export terminal for bulk liquid cargoes in the Black Sea region, located on the territory of Ukraine at the sea commercial port "Chornomorsk".

The liquid bulk terminal plays a key role in the export of vegetable oils in Ukraine, providing services for transshipment of bulk liquid cargoes for food companies such as Cargill, Kernel, ADM and others.

Cargill Kernel ADM

Risoil Terminal provides its partners with significant flexibility and broad capabilities in transshipment of food vegetable oils, which is equally important for efficient trading.

Specifications of the terminal:


Grain terminal was put into operation in March 2016.

Construction works started in June 2014 and is implemented in four phases. Currently, two phases of construction have been completed that enables the company to operate the following facilities:

- total amount of storage reservoirs for simultaneous storage of grains is 150 thousand tons including: 60 thousand tons of floor warehouse storages and 90 thousand tons of silage fleet ;

- station for unloading railway carriages: 72 carriages per day;

- 2 stations for motor transport unloading in total for four receiving points: 200 vehicles per day;

- rail weighing scales and 3 weighing bridges;

- Laboratory accredited by GAFTA;

- express laboratory;

- shipment to a ship with automotive transport having buckets: 8 thousand ton per days;

- shipment to a ship with ВАТСО system: 2 units with carrying capacity of 4 thousand tons per day;

- grain terminal underwent certification with system GTAS №10007;