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RISOIL S.A. was founded in 2000 in Geneva, Switzerland. The company’s structure allows it to utilize its resources to be stable and efficient, to develop actively, to be in touch with the world’s markets, and to adapt to their rapid changes. Over the years of development, RISOIL has established offices and manufacturing facilities in Ukraine, and a number of countries in the European Union.

RISOIL offers the following services:


RISOIL helps its partners focus on what they do best — trading. Due to readiness to take on the processing of all risks, the foreign buyers can avoid concerns about the safety of invested funds in the course of operation with little-known regions.

More than 2500 employees work for the benefit of the group of companies within the Black Sea region by realizing their professional and creative potential.





From 2001, RISOIL started investments in production, transport, as well as port terminal at “Chornomorsk” port.
In 2003, RISOIL started the construction of processing facilities in several countries.
From 2004, the strategy to expand capacity of liquid cargo base continued in order to meet the requirements of industry growth. In the same year RISOIL put into operation one of the largest vegetable oil logistics terminals in Europe, in Chornomorsk (Black Sea). And as early as  2007, the terminal’s capacity was 1.2 mln. tons of transshipment annually.
From 2005, RISOIL entered the European market of vegetable oil sales. Stuffing container terminal with capacity of 600 thous. tons per year was commissioned in Chornomorsk city.
2007 was marked by the development of logistics area.
Vigorous activity of RISOIL in the European market of vegetable oils resulted in acquisition of the equity shares of large companies engaged in the production of sunflower oil in the European Union (Bulgaria) in 2008.
In 2008, RISOIL  reached yet another previously set goal - opening of the office in Georgia, which made it possible to carry out retail sales of refined deodorized oil in the Caucasus.
The main achievement of 2009 was the construction of the oilcake processing facility in Turkey and the consequent distribution of sunflower oil and oilcake in the Turkish market.
The main focus in 2010 was to optimize its management structure. Since 2010 RISOIL has actively promoted its trading activities in the Asian markets by supplying various products in containers, including vegetable oil in flexitanks.
In the end of 2012 RISOIL began the construction of the new vegetable oil transshipment terminal in port Yuzhne, Odessa region. In 2013 terminal "Risoil South" was put into operation
Construction of universal grain terminal with acceptance rate of 4.5 mln. tons per year started in the territory of sea commercial port “Chornomorsk”. The construction is planned in three phases
The grain terminal Risoil Terminal in the Black Sea port is put into operation
New construction projects have been used to organize effective cargo handling. These are transport galleries, silo tanks, engineering and transport infrastructure, motor unloading station, and floor storage universal warehouse No. 2.