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The mission of RISOIL S.A. is to connect famers from the entire Black Sea region with clients/end users/buyers all over the world.

The company tries to achieve this using its origination structures comprising of its own warehouses and facilities for storing, processing, cleaning and packaging of the goods. RISOIL S.A.’s extensive knowledge of needs and requirements of end users in destination markets allows it in many cases to offer «tailor made» deals, reflecting the specific requests of its partners for their destinations.

Being at home in the Black Sea region the company understands the problems and needs the farmers have here, therefore RISOIL S.A. aims for smooth cooperation and hard work to establish trusted relationships with its business partners.


In RISOIL S.A., we believe that the future of trading commodities is not so much in bulk, but rather in tailored container services.

Commodities traded in containers can be delivered to various locations simultaneously and delivery time could be spread throughout a period of time, which makes it more convenient for the receiver to process the goods. In other words, trading commodities in containers is almost like going to the grocery store. Focusing on every small aspect of the transaction allows RISOIL S.A. to provide a high quality service and meet client’s needs all over the world.

In 2010 the company set up a trading team specialised in container sales of Ukrainian vegetable oil (in flexi-tank containers), grains (milling wheat, barley, corn, millet), oilseeds (rape seeds, linseeds and sunflower seeds) and pulses (mostly chickpeas/yellow peas). All products depending on the client’s requests are shipped either in bulk or bagged. This allows RISOIL S.A. to meet most of the specific requests it gets from its trading partners abroad.