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A new facility at LLC Risoil Terminal! 6.09.2018

At the terminal of the company Risoil, the second station unloading railway cars began operations. At present time, as the commissioning process is still underway, 128 railway cars a day are allowed to be received, which enables us to handle 8.5 thousand tons of cargo more. According to the staff of the terminal, this is only the beginning. In the future, they will unload 180 wagons only from the lower station. If we take into account the unloading of both stations of unloading of wagons, then 250 wagons will pass through the terminal in a day, for a total of about 16 thousand tons of grain cargo.
High-class equipment allows you to unload one car in 5 minutes. Also, the new facility has created an additional 40 jobs and more opportunities to realize the potential of employees. During the first day of work 64 wagons with wheat of the 2018 harvest were unloaded.
We add that in the near future the construction of the maritime gallery and testing of the NEUERO ship loading machine will be completed.