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At Risoil Terminal, a german specialist is setting up a new NEUERO forklift truck. 3.09.2018

Rudolf Schollmayer, a specialist from Germany, arrived at Risoil Terminal. He is preparing for a final tuning of the new NEUERO ship loading machine. The specialist will monitor the equipment verification work and, in the future, together with the service engineer, will carry out commissioning work. According to the german inspector, the installation is already at its final stage:
"Constructions are built. Now we carry the main cable. Later we turn on the electricity and start testing right away. ”
Technique is designed on the individual order of Risoil. Bulk cargoes pass through the galleries and, with the help of NEUERO, will be loaded into the vessel’s hold. On the portal of the car for the transportation of cargo are responsible rear and jib belt conveyors, as well as a vertical telescopic tube. The horizontal boom on which the boom conveyor is located can be rotated 180 °. The loading machine will be operated by professional operators. In addition, the machine is equipped with special suction systems that limit the formation of dust and thus protect the environment.
Maximum capacity is 1000 tons per hour. It will be possible to load 20‒22 thousand tons per day.
"The functions of this machine are great! You shall not worry about the repairs, because this NEUERO model is ensured to have a lengthy service time. I was in many offices of the Black Sea basin and mounted a similar technique. What can I say? People who work with NEUERO are happy. It is reliable and environmentally friendly. ” Said Rudolf Schollmayer.
The exact date of completion of work is still unknown. But in the near future Risoil will begin transshipment of goods using new modern equipment, thus increasing the turnover of the company and the port.