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Wheat export and grain prices 27.07.2018

As of July 25, farmers harvested 15 million tons of winter wheat from 4.4 million hectares (70% of the forecast), with a yield of 3.42 t / ha. About this reports Minagroprod. In the previous season, on the same date, 12 million tons of wheat were milled. At the same time, export in the current season is 50 thousand tons behind last year. — 433 thousand tons since July.
Risoil experts note, despite the high rates of harvesting, the decline is due to a rapid increase in wheat priceses since the start of the season. Grain prices are rising due to market expectations of a further decline in production in wheat exporting countries. In particular, in the Black Sea region, as well as with the assumption of the market about the worst quality of wheat in Ukraine due to heavy rains in most of the country during the harvest. Prices in foreign currency over the last month increased by more than $ 20 / t and now amount to $ 200/196/184 for 2kl / 3kl / fodder, respectively, CPT has been delivered to Odessa. Prices in UAH: 6200/6100/5800 for 2kl / 3kl / fodder, respectively, on the same delivery basis.