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Risoil uses modern digital technologies to improve business processes 15.06.2018

Risoil strives to keep up with the times not only by purchasing new equipment, but also by using modern digital technologies to optimize business processes. The 4th Conference of Agro Acquisition Specialists, organized by the ProAgro Group, was held in Kiev.
In the first block on digitalization and innovation in procurement, spoke the project implementation manager for Risoil Ukraine, Edward Kovalchuk. The specialist shared with the participants experience working with the program of Ukrainian developers for managing the processes of grain traders: contractors, supply chain, payments and documents.
An approach, developed in collaboration with Ukrainian programmers, helped Risoil to create a unified information field for all employees, shorten the time for information exchange, and provide access from any device.
In the future, for clients it is planned to create a "personal account” with the possibility of concluding smart-contracts in one click. This will enable agricultural manufacturers to safely sell their products directly, without the participation of intermediaries.
The discussion with colleagues after the presentation led to the conclusion that the presented method is the most optimal for the future economic benefits of all parties to a business transaction.
Using these methods, it will be necessary, by the way, to the sales department of Risoil, based on their own assets and skills of an already existing team of specialists, to export more than 1 million tons of cargo in the new season.