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At berth number 11, began an assembly of the NEUERO ship-loading machine 14.06.2018

Thanks to the new equipment, Risoil Terminal will increase the turnover of its own company and the port of Chernomorsk in general. Modern technology will allow to load up to 22 thousand tons of grain per day. Productivity of the machine is 1000 tons per hour. NEUERO was designed by order of Risoil, taking into account all environmental standards, as well as the technical characteristics of the berth No. 11. Using the latest automation systems will make the loading process as efficient as possible. At the same time, a nautical gallery is being built. All the preparatory work has been done, the foundations are being poured and the metal structures are being installed, the necessary equipment has been purchased. In August-September, the completion of all phases and introduction of new facilities into operation is planned.