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Risoil Terminal celebrates its anniversary 30.11.2017

Today «Risoil Terminal» LLC celebrates its sixteenth anniversary. Thanks to the work of professional team of the«Risoil Terminal» LLC, as well as the trust of our Customers, the Terminal has transshipped 10.8 million tons of bulk and 2.7 million tons of bulk cargoes through its capacities.
To date, the production capacities enable the transshipment of 3 million tons of cargo per year.
«Risoil Terminal» LLC does not stop its development. Only in 2017 four new objects of construction were commissioned. The nearest plans include installation of a new ship loading equipment.
More then 250 people work at the «Risoil Terminal», and it all started with 8 employees. We thank and congratulate everyone who took part and continues to participate in the development of the enterprise!