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Risoil has increased the volume of transshipment of bulk cargo 18.10.2017

Risoil sums up the results of the 1st quarter of the marketing year 2017‒2018. During this time, the volume of bulk cargo transshipment increased by 62% compared to the same period of the previous marketing year. As for grain transshipment, the result increased by 9% over the analyzed period.
Positive dynamics can also be seen in the transshipment of processing products: the volume of cargo handled by the Company increased by 117%. Risoil actively continues the development of infrastructure facilities. According to the general investment strategy, the next step is the purchase of new equipment.
Risoil has already signed an agreement with one of the leading manufacturers of shipping equipment — NEUERO. Among the professionals, this company is famous for the manufacture of efficient and durable equipment. It will be put into operation for the next marketing year.