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The HACCP group which developed and implemented the GTAS trade security system was organized at the Risoil Terminal. 15.03.2017

The Risoil Terminal Company is able to ultimately satisfy the customers with the services quality level and supervises the conditions for searching the products of customers who transships products at the production facilities of «SP RISOIL TERMINAL LTD.». In particular, less than a year from the day of opening of the terminal for grain and oil transshipment, the universal Risoil Terminal storage warehouse was certified by the GTAS system (a system of guarantees for trade security), which guarantees access to global markets. This is not the first accreditation based on the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) analysis. So Risoil Terminal, that provides intermediate storage services for unrefined sunflower oil, is also certified according to ISO 22000 (food safety and HACCP).