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Manufacturing and technological laboratory of Risoil Terminal became a member of GAFTA. 31.01.2017

Manufacturing and technological laboratory Risoil Terminal closely cooperates with the grain suppliers and makes every effort to provide quality services, is equipped with modern equipment of the world-class leading companies, which enables to implement the high-quality sampling, detailed laboratory analysis of the incoming and shipped grain. In order to maintain and improve own professional skills, as well as to verify the validity of the implemented analyzes, it regularly participates in the inter-laboratory comparison studies both in Ukraine and in the European Union. Membership in the International Association of Grain and Feed Trade (GAFTA), which includes more than 1600 companies in 94 countries around the world, is the result of company’s operation, which means that the results of analyzes conducted by laboratory of Risoil Terminal are recognized by all members of GAFTA.