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Razdelnyansky elevator

Razdelnyansky elevator provides a number of services: receiving grain and oilseeds by road and rail, qualitative and quantitative analysis, conditioning to contract specifications (drying and processing), storage, and dispatching by road and rail.

Another important service provided by Razdelnyansky elevator is the stuffing of containers with grain and oilseed products both bag-less and packed in polypropylene bags.

Razdelnyansky elevator consists of two warehouse facilities:

The facilities are staffed with qualified personnel. The company’s well developed logistics and industrial infrastructure, accredited laboratory, and its own car park, allow it to provide optimal and timely solutions for agricultural product delivery all around the world.

Procurement of grains and oilseeds:

Razdelnyansky elevator is always ready to purchase the following grains and oilseeds.


Quality criteria:

Moisture —  at least 5% and maximum 10 %;

Impurity — maximum 10 %;

Oil-bearing admixture — maximum 15%;

Oil acidity value — maximum 3.5 mg KOH/g.


Quality criteria:

Moisture — maximum 8%;

Foreign impurities  — maximum 2%;

Oil-bearing admixture — maximum 8%

Acidity value — maximum 8%;

Oil —at least 40%.


Quality criteria:

Moisture  —  up to 4%;                                            

Impurity — up to 2%;                                  

Grain impurity — maximum 7%, including:

fractured — maximum 3%;
damaged — maximum 2%;
different coloured grains — maximum 2%


Documents required to sign an agreement

For agricultural producers paying a flat rate agricultural tax:

For suppliers who are VAT taxpayers:

  • VAT taxpayer certificate;
  • certificate of state registration;
  • statement from the Department of Statistics;
  • OPP-4 statement;
  • contract of purchase signed with the agricultural manufacturer;
  • expenditure invoice;
  • accompanying documents for the purchase of the agricultural products from the manufacturer.

For suppliers who are not VAT taxpayers:

  • proof of payment of taxes;
  • certificate of state registration;
  • statement from the Department of Statistics