About Company

About Company
RISOIL S.A. was founded in 2000 in Geneva, Switzerland. The company’s structure allows it to utilize its resources to be stable and efficient, to develop actively, to be in touch with the world’s markets, and to adapt to their rapid changes.
RISOIL offers the following services:

  • Logistics of vegetable oils, bulk and general cargoes in the ports of the Black Sea;
  • Sale and production of vegetable oils;
  • Trade in grain crops and oilseed;
  • Transshipment, storage and processing of agro-industrial products.
RISOIL helps its partners focus on what they do best — trading. Due to readiness to take on the processing of all risks, the foreign buyers can avoid concerns about the safety of invested funds in the course of operation with little-known regions.
More than 2500 employees work for the benefit of the group of companies within the Black Sea region by realizing their professional and creative potential.
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